Ship's Company
Below is a list of those crew members of the USS John Marshall (SSBN/SSN-611) who have registered as a part of the Ship's Company. Personal information such as e-mail and phone numbers are not available on the public site but can be obtained through the Members Area.
Barrett Ted
Barrick Craig MMCM 77 - 79 (B)
Barron Reginald YN2(SS) 1966-1967
Barry Mike W.O. 63 - 70
Beach Robert (Sonny) MM2 (SS ) 75-79
Beauregard Richard QM2 1987-1990
Beltz Keith E_6 1
Benfield Gary SKSA-SK2 1985-1989
Bennett Robert MM2SS 1966-1969
Bennett Robert MM2SS 68-69
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